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8000/100 MKIII Standard Volumetric Doser

Product Features

  • 100cc to 3000cc dosing range from single volumetric measuring chamber

  • Upto 70 deposits per minute

  • Capability with horizontal thermo-forming machines

  • Standalone mobile unit

  • Incorporable into cartoning or vertical form-fill and seal machines

  • Toolless changeover operation

  • Low energy consumption

  • Gravity-fed or free-flow products

  • Touchscreen plc control panel with memory menu facility

Optional Features

  • Vibratory feeders for challenging products

  • Servo-drive weight adjustment with memory

  • Servo-drive feedback link via check weigher

  • Integrated load cell facility

Typical Food Product Processing Capability 

  • Coffee beans and freeze-dried coffee granules

  • Tea and granulated beverages

  • Chickpeas and broad beans

  • Gravy granules, soups, snack pots, dried noodles and pasta

  • Salt, pepper and other condiments

  • Breakfast cereals, porridge, muesli and granola

  • Crumble toppings

  • Grated cheese (starch coated) 

  • Small biscuits

  • Quinoa grain

  • Sugar and sweetener tablets

  • Cake decorations

  • Peanuts, dried fruit and snack packs

  • Confectionary

  • IQF fruit, peas and mixed vegetables

  • Layered and pasta salads

  • Ready seal cooked rice, pasta and toppings

  • Dry pet foods and animal feeds

  • Freeze-dried fruits

An image of a volumetric dosing machine built by Turbo Systems

Typical Non-Food Product Processing Capability 

  • Wallpaper paste, water filters and DIY products

  • Rodent baits

  • Plant foods and garden products

  • Flower, vegetable and bird seeds

  • Fish food

"Turbo Systems helped us increase our productivity with their depositors and conveyors, would definitely recommend if you need food manufacturing solutions."

Steve Allington - Engineering Manager  

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